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Welcome to!

I am Belle Lee, a junior at Savannah College of Art & Design. I will be graduating in June of 2024 with a BFA in Production Design with a concentration in Set Design and Art Direction and a minor in Themed Entertainment. 


I am a composite of contradictory elements that creates a unique whole—whimsical to gory, minute detail to broad strokes, research to emotions. I am an amalgam of my parents—a left brain graphic designer and a right brain computer engineer. I went to school in El Segundo, small town USA, embedded in the metropolis of Los Angeles. This juxtaposition of scope gave me a unique outlook, allowing me to relate to a vast number of perspectives.

Growing up I crafted my environment to tell my story—influences that range from My Little Pony to Alien. The walls of my room were covered with cells from My Neighbor Totoro, Broadway playbills of Beetlejuice, and movie posters of Saw and The Thing. I am not one to recreate but rather reinterpret and contort the content I consume into something of my own. I surround myself with the media that inspires me with the hope of creating something new, something equally inspiration worthy.

The characters I create do not exist in a vacuum, their environment tells their story. Through seemingly random details that I consider critical, more depth and texture is conveyed and a 2D image suddenly becomes a narrative. I enjoy the concentrated detail of a project as much as the expansive conceptualization of the preliminary idea. Sometimes creating big worlds alone is hard, though. Even as I was struggling to put my thoughts on paper, a professor complimented me, “Your ideas are so expansive and complex that your hands can’t keep up.” I learned the importance of teams, a conglomerate of ideas and skills that can help me, as I help them, create universes as massive as we can muster.

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