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Assignment: Create an execute a concept pitch for an original story.

My story begins In a small town in rural South Carolina. A boy prays over a candle that his step dad, a pious town leader, doesn’t come into his room again tonight. As his hand hits the flame, he experiences something he had never experienced before: relief. As he matures and his fascination with fire grows, a new relationship with a local aristocrat convinces him to make the choice he never could before—to burn it all to the ground.


Before figuring out any of their defining features, I plan how I want my two main characters to look next to each other. Since their characters are highly contrasted, I wanted their shape language to have the same level of contrast. 

IMG_3026 2.PNG

Like their shapes, their color palettes are also highly contrasted. For Claire, I focused on cool colors to match the sterile environment of the Higgins Meat Processing Facility. For Bishop, to match the environment of the old worn-down town, I designed him with warm colors in mind.

Final Technical Drawings

Concept Sketches and Early Ideation

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